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Providing Investigative Services for State and Federal Cases-Member of Iowa Association of Private Investigators

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What our firm can provide for you and your clients.

"A private investigator is your opportunity to examine other facts or information that may be relevant to your side of the story, whether it is a State or Federal Case, or a private matter".

"Clients involved in the legal system don't always have the ability on their own to investigate other facts in the case, it is not Law Enforcement's job to provide you with all the information in a particular case." 

Jonathan is a 28-year retired Criminal Investigator/ Deputy U. S. Marshal with the Department of Justice. He started the firm to provide a service to law firms and others as a tool to help their clients.  Jonathan saw a need for someone who spent almost 30 years in Federal Courtrooms -Trials, Motion Hearings, Grand Jury's, Arraignments. Detention Hearings (Bond Hearings), who could relate to Attorneys and their clients because he understood the process.

Jonathan also understands the investigative process, as Criminal Investigator Deputy U. S. Marshal (RET), Jon has conducted numerous investigations, arrests, interviews and testified in various court proceedings.  Jon brings his Law Enforcement background and experience to help his clients receive all the relevant facts in the case at hand, whether it be state or federal. 

Since the start of JSQ Investigations/Security Consultant, LLC Jonathan has investigated a wide variety of cases, both State and Federal on behalf of several of the top law firms in central Iowa.  Cases range from Federal drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Sex Assault, Sex Abuse, Financial Fraud, Child Custody Cases, Asset Location, Background Investigations, Homicide, Assault Cases, and various Surveillance Activities.  Jonathan has testified in State and Federal Court proceedings. JSQ Investigations, LLC has also provided a variety of investigative services to business and private individuals.  References Provided upon request.

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