Private investigations-Specializing in both State and Federal Criminal Defense/Executive Protection/Background Checks/Service of process/General Investigative case work.

JSQ Investigations/Security Consultant, LLC, was founded by CEO/President Jonathan M. Stewart.  Jon a 28 year retired Criminal Investigator/ Deputy U. S. Marshal with the Department of Justice.  Jon began his firm to provide a service to law firms and others a tool to help their clients.  This was due in large part, because there is a  lack of experience and skilled investigators who have the background in the court system, as well as investigative and protection skills as JSQ Investigation/Security Consultant, LLC  provides.  Clients confidentiality is always our first priority, contact us for references should the need arise.

Investigative Services/Protection/Self-Protection Seminars

Jon has investigated a wide variety of cases, testified in both Grand Juries, State and Federal Courts throughout the State of Iowa.

Jon has provided protection to both Foreign Dignitaries, Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, Prosecutors, Protected Witnesses, U.S. Army -2 Star General, and others.

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Self Protection Seminars  for business or private

Meet Jonathan Stewart-Licensed Private Investigator - Executive Protection-Security Consultant, Cumming, Iowa.

"A private investigator is your opportunity to examine other facts or information that may be relevant to your side of the story"

"In the current often times dangerous and violent times, we can provide executive protection to meet your needs"

Jonathan M. Stewart


 Jonathan has worked cases and provided protection in cities all across the country.  As a Deputy U. S. Marshal, Jon was detailed to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and many states in between.  Jon taught both as a defensive tactics instructor and a fitness coordinator for Federal Law Enforcement Agents.   Jon currently holds 2 black belts and teaches and instructs as a  3rd Degree Dan in Kempo Karate.